A few photos of of me and my ‘70 Chevelle

A few photos of of me and my ‘70 Chevelle

A Letter From The Founder

After thirty years in tech, I started KarPark as a way of rekindling my love affair with cars, the people, and their stories. I wanted to take everything I’ve learned about building relationships in business and apply it to my passion – all things automotive. KarPark is the realization of many years of planning and patience, and I’m proud of what we’re building.

More than a car storage facility, KarPark is a membership-based business offering solutions for all types of car owners. I keep in direct contact with every KarPark member to ensure that their needs are met and their experience is exceptional. At KarPark, when you place your collection, large or small, into our facility, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your cars are always in good hands.

If you’re interested, send us an email and I’ll get back to you directly.

Darrell Emery, KarPark Founder